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Ever since the first shiny automobile rolled off the assembly line in 1913, car care specialists and car owners have sought a long-lasting product that will protect the exterior paint and uphold its new car shine. What followed is a flurry of protective sealants, invisible films, polishes, waxes, compounds, and bottled clear coats. Even the best of them produced only short-term results.

Smart Surface Science
It took nine years for Gtechniq scientists to integrate advanced micro-abrasive finishing technology with exclusive bonding elements to create a unique formula that will protect any painted surface. Furthermore, Gtechniq’s proprietary formula eliminates the need for periodic waxing. The finish lasts for years rather than weeks and months, and actually repels dirt to keep your car cleaner, longer.
Utilizing the most recent advancements in nano-scale composite materials, Gtechniq took their Smart Surface Science a step further, developing a collection of products that also protects plastic, vinyl, glass, fabric, and leather.

New Cars & Older Cars See the Benefits
Most car dealerships will not go to the expense or risk the chances of their product not working on a pre-owned vehicle. Because Clean Planet technicians are experts in paint correction and maintenance, we will apply Gtechniq products to any vehicle, regardless age, restoring the beauty of your aging vehicle. In addition, vehicles that are 3 years old or newer, qualify for our extended Vehicle Surface Protection Warranty

Master Accredited Gtechniq Studio
Clean Planet has built a reputation for using only professional-grade products that are environmentally safe and rigorously tested by detailers in the field, before recommending them to our customers. We are so certain our customers will benefit from Gtechniq products that we recently attended training in the application of these products and are now Woodinville’s exclusive Master accredited Gtechniq Studio.

Click on any of the Gtechniq coating services below, offered by Clean Planet Detailing, for more information on which options best fit your needs:

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Interior & Exterior Protection
NOTE: The surface on which the Gtechniq coating is applied must be clean and free from dirt in order to achieve maximum results. A thorough interior and/or exterior detailing and paint correction may be necessary prior to application. These services are not included in the cost of any Gtechniq treatments unless otherwise specified.

Gtechniq Services

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•   Gtechniq EXOv2 Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating

•   Gtechniq C2V3 Liquid Crystal

•   Gtechniq G1 ClearVision Smart Glass

•   Gtechniq Trim Restorer

•   Gtechniq Wheel Armor

•   Gtechniq I1 Smart Fabric

•   Gtechniq Leather Guard

•   Gtechniq Matte Dash

•   Gtechniq Crystal Serum

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